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Only companies with a good track record, a solid balance sheet and exceptional economics make the cut.

High Growth Potential

We look for companies with a long runway for growth for years to come.

Management Evaluation

A stringent criterion, we do not touch companies with the slightest management malpractice.

Reasonably Priced

The best bets are companies bought for far less than their intrinsic worth. We are always on the hunt for good businesses selling at a discount.

Special Opportunities

Sometimes, new opportunities open up, or the stock becomes available at a discount, creating a lucrative entry point.

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Detailed Recommendation Reports

Each recommendation comes with an in-depth report of why you should buy it and the risks involved.

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Exclusive Management Interviews

We talk to the top management of our recommendations and get exclusive insights for you.

Regular updates

Regular coverage of our recommendation

We analyse quarterly results of our recommendations and keep you updated with all the latest developments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you choose the stocks you suggest?


    Our stock selection method is a combination of algorithmic filtering protocols and intensive analysis by our experienced team. The entire process is personally guided by our CEO, Mr. Dhirendra Kumar.

    Here’s an overview of the process:

    1. Quantitative screening of the stocks universe.
    2. Validation based on a proprietary methodology to drop companies based on non-negotiable fundamental parameters
    3. Further validation of a company based on the risk score we assign to each company
    4. Qualitative assessment of sustainability or robustness of growth and earnings
    5. Price and valuations considerations are based on its earnings, earnings growth, and sustainability of earnings and growth. We are also guided by the stock's historical median P/E, P/B, and earnings yield.

    Over and above these, we have an elaborate checklist to evaluate management quality, which is of overriding importance while recommending a company. The management needs to adhere to high standards of corporate governance, needs to be credible, ethical and free of any blemish, ideally. To bring objectivity to this, we have allocated six parameters in our risk score section, which is available for subscribers to check.

  • Can I have a sample report?


    Ours is not a ‘report-based’ service, even though we issue some of the most comprehensive and in-depth reports you will ever see. Just reading the report will not give you a full idea of what all we provide. However, if you insist, here’s a sample report.
    Do note that this is a real report that we have issued but it is not a live one, and may be somewhat outdated by the time you are reading it. This company may or may not be a part of current recommendations: MUTHOOT FINANCE LTD. report, issued on February 8, 2021.

  • What is the difference between Wealth Insight and Stock Advisor ?


    Value Research Stock Advisor is a stock recommendation service which gives precise recommendations on which stocks to buy. The recommendations are available on this website to subscribers. There are also many additional tools to help you do your own research.

    Wealth Insight is a print magazine with a wide range of articles that equity investors will find interesting, informative and educational. These articles will help you do your research and make investment decisions. Wealth Insight is available at a fraction of the price of Stock Advisor but does not give exact recommendations.

  • What about my existing portfolio? Will I get one-on-one advice?


    Yes and no. There is no personal advice available from our analysts on your past investments.

    However, the Investment Manager tool on Value Research Premium gives you high quality analysis and insight into your overall investments. As a subscriber to Value Research Stock Advisor you get an access to premium features of My Investment tracking tool.

  • What kind of investors is this service suitable for?


    This service is suitable for investors who believe in the long term philosophy as the time horizon for holding the stocks is around 4 to 5 years.

  • Who does this research?


    We have an in-house team of well-qualified research analysts and their details can also be seen by subscribers in the TEAM section on our website The team is closely guided by our CEO, Mr Dhirendra Kumar.

  • What if I am not happy with the recommendations you give me?


    We respect your right to stop using our service. You can request for a cancellation to [email protected] up to 30 days from the date of commencement of the service. Details are available here: Refund Policy

  • What if I read the names of the recommended stocks and then cancel and take a full refund?


    It’s fine. We know that the value of our service lies in the continuous research and support that thousands of our customers enjoy year after year.
    If you need just a list, go ahead. Best of luck!

  • What is your Refund Policy?


    If you give our service a try and decide it’s not for you, simply cancel within 30 days and you’ll receive every rupee of your membership fee back.

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