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The all-in-one kit for becoming a successful stock investor

Whether you are wondering how to get started with stocks, or an experienced investor trying to add a new source of investing ideas to your portfolio, Stock Advisor has everything that you will need:

  • Access to all our (currently 56) stock picks
  • Best Buy Stocks: 16 stocks selected from our recommendations. Use this set to start building your portfolio right away!
  • The complete investment thesis for all recommended stocks so that you understand why you are investing
  • New recommendations as soon as they are released
  • Continuous updates and analysis on all recommended stocks-straight from our dedicated analyst team
  • Tools and data to research and analyse any other stock

The recommended stocks

Investing with Stock Advisor is as simple as you’d like it to be. You get a master list of around 56 stocks, each of which comes with a detailed report explaining why you should invest in it, along with a complete analysis of the company’s business prospects.

You also get a Best Buys Now list of about 16 stocks, which is a subset of the master list. When you are a new member and need a compact list of stocks to buy immediately, then the Best Buys list is a handy way to get started.

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Some Examples of Our Stocks

  • A pharma company with one of the highest margins in the industry, undergoing an unprecedented capacity expansion that will propel its lead further over global competitors
  • A small bank that makes it to the top of its sector in the margins it earns, even by taking much lesser risk than large ones
  • An agro company that is big in small farm equipment, capitalising on the ban on Chinese imports and increasing farm mechanisation across the country.
  • A company that dominates its part of the power sector with a market share of 98 per cent
  • A trust-worthy real estate player whose conservative approach sets it apart as a winner
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Stay up to date

Our team continuously monitors all recommended stocks and keeps you updated on what’s happening with your companies. Whenever needed, we move companies from our main list to the Best Buys Now list or back. When the investment logic of a stock falters, we can remove stocks from our recommendations by asking you to stop fresh investments, or to sell the stock entirely. These are rare events but when it is needed, we don’t hesitate to make changes to the stocks in our lists.

Data and Tools for your own research

Some of our members are deeply interested in other stocks that they are researching themselves. As part of the Stock Advisor service, you get the most detailed and capable software tools in India to do your own research. The service is pre-loaded with 10 years’ financial data and ratios for 4193 companies.

Trusted by investors from all backgrounds


"I would like to place on record my sincere appreciation for a great job done by your team in developing the wonderful Stock Screener tool, which helps us to not only learn Fundamental Analysis, but also guides us in choosing stocks by applying filters and comparing them using our own criteria. Congratulations and my sincere thanks to your entire team."

Abdul Aziz Rawani

"At last I'm feeling happy that I have found a fairly reliable stock advisory."

Shrikant Bapat

"I find Value Research Stock Advisor’s recommendations to be very well-researched. It is good to see that the team avoids the euphoric optimism so common in the industry. Thanks for your detailed research and recommendations."

Shubho Bhattacharyya

Advanced tools and data
to conduct your own research

Value Research Stock Advisor is guided by the same principles as every other product and service that we have created over the last three decades. The basis of our work is the trust reposed in us by our customers over all these years.

I promise that we will bear the responsibility of this trust with all our capabilities.

Dhirendra Kumar
Founder & CEO, Value Research

Dhirendra Kumar

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our stock selection method is a combination of algorithmic filtering protocols and intensive analysis by our experienced team. The entire process is personally guided by our CEO, Mr. Dhirendra Kumar.

Here’s an overview of the process:

  1. Quantitative screening of the stocks universe.
  2. Validation based on a proprietary methodology to drop companies based on non-negotiable fundamental parameters
  3. Further validation of a company based on the risk score we assign to each company
  4. Qualitative assessment of sustainability or robustness of growth and earnings
  5. Price and valuations considerations are based on its earnings, earnings growth, and sustainability of earnings and growth. We are also guided by the stock's historical median P/E, P/B, and earnings yield.

Over and above these, we have an elaborate checklist to evaluate management quality, which is of overriding importance while recommending a company. The management needs to adhere to high standards of corporate governance, needs to be credible, ethical and free of any blemish, ideally. To bring objectivity to this, we have allocated six parameters in our risk score section, which is available for subscribers to check.

Ours is not a ‘report-based’ service, even though we issue some of the most comprehensive and in-depth reports you will ever see. Just reading the report will not give you a full idea of what all we provide. However, if you insist, here’s a sample report.
Do note that this is a real report that we have issued but it is not a live one, and may be somewhat outdated by the time you are reading it. This company may or may not be a part of current recommendations: MUTHOOT FINANCE LTD. report, issued on February 8, 2021.

Value Research Stock Advisor is a stock recommendation service which gives precise recommendations on which stocks to buy. The recommendations are available on this website to subscribers. There are also many additional tools to help you do your own research.

Wealth Insight is a print magazine with a wide range of articles that equity investors will find interesting, informative and educational. These articles will help you do your research and make investment decisions. Wealth Insight is available at a fraction of the price of Stock Advisor but does not give exact recommendations.

Yes and no. There is no personal advice available from our analysts.

However, the Investment Manager tool on Value Research Online gives you high quality analysis and insight into your investments. This is available in two versions: a basic version that is free, and a Premium version that maps your investments to your goals and makes precise suggestions and tracks them.

This service is suitable for investors who believe in the long term philosophy as the time horizon for holding the stocks is around 4 to 5 years.

We have an in-house team of well-qualified research analysts and their details can also be seen in the TEAM section on our website The team is closely guided by our CEO, Mr Dhirendra Kumar.

We respect your right to stop using our service. You can request for a cancellation to [email protected] up to 30 days from the date of commencement of the service. Details are available here: Refund Policy

It’s fine. We know that the value of our service lies in the continuous research and support that thousands of our customers enjoy year after year.
If you need just a list, go ahead. Best of luck!